Cloud Solutions from ISM

One size definitely does not fit all in the world of business management solutions. Because ISM offers hosted versions of all of our supported software platforms, your company has the flexibility to choose how you purchase a solution and how you deploy it. Click here to learn more out ISM’s hosting services and prices.

Your Software in the Cloud

Cloud solutions from ISM offer a secure, cost-effective alternative for companies currently running critical business applications on peer-to-peer desktops, and our services are well suited for businesses who want to get their system up and running quickly, and for those who prefer to make affordable monthly payments rather than an up-front capital investment.

When we say it’s your software in the cloud, we really mean it. If your company’s business circumstances change, ISM customers can easily and affordably transition to the on-premise versions of our ERP and CRM solutions. With cloud solutions from ISM, you and your company are in total control of your data and system.

Click Here to read more about ISM’s cloud hosting services

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But.... What is ‘Cloud Computing ?

Another important feature of Cloud Solutions is that they’re easily scalable, and can work for businesses with 5 or 5 thousand employees across multiple locations. Companies with remote workers, telecommuters, or mobile salespeople who are often on the road find this particular aspect of Cloud Computing invaluable, as it allows for complete portability while still retaining centralized key functions like accounting, operations, customer service, and support on standardized office solutions.

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